Bulldog Rally

Students Rally of university to Support Gun Violence Research

In this essay students rally, I am going to discuss an incident. On September 18, 2018, first-year medical student Quan Tran attended a student rally as her dad was given tough times when he was returning home from a BART station in Oakland. She is not the only student who thinks that gun violence is epidemic; there are a large number of students who have the same kinds of thoughts and ideas.

The students were joined by one of their professor, Rebecca Smith-Coggins, who was a part of the rally as she received injuries as the result of a firearm. She encouraged the students to raise their voices and stood by their side the whole time.

Hannah Keppler, on the other hand, was also a part of the University rally as she thought that gun-related injuries were taking the lives of various innocent children and that measures needed to be taken in this regard. They were of the view that the issue of gun violence should be addressed immediately as many students were afraid of going to school, college, and university.

The sentiments echoed throughout the day, and over 250 doctors, medical students, and other people gathered on the campus of Stanford Medicine. All of them wanted their voices to be heard and their emotions to be noticed. The event was replicated at over 30 schools all over the country, where participants wore blue tops and posed for the photographer to create awareness.

The problem of gun violence or massacre has taken a serious form, and voices like this will continue raising if the government does not take measures. Safety of life is the right of every citizen.

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