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Top writing conferences in North America

The muse and the market place

Grub-street is a writing center in Boston which holds an annual Conferences for paper writers in May at the Boston Park Plaza hotel. The conference draws a lot of writers who aim to gain knowledge in the world of writing articles such as book reports.

San Francisco Writers Conference

This is one of the Essay conferences for writers which takes place in four days and holds more than one hundred sessions inclusive of panels. The panels consist of different ideas in the world of writing.

The American Society of Journalists and Authors Conference (ASJA)

This conference is held every year in New York City, and it aims to bring together nonfiction authors and freelance journalists.  The sharing of ideas strengthens the confidence of the participants.


This is a conference for writers which promotes professional development by empowering women and gender writers across the world. The conference takes place in New York during the fall while the installment takes place in Los Angeles during spring. This provides a chance for the conference to benefit as many people as possible each year.

San Miguel Writers’ Conference

This is a Rally for essay writers which attracts plenty of media personalities and is designed to bring out an excellent cultural experience.

The Voices of Our Nations Arts Foundation (VONA)

This conference addresses the lack of diversity in the various writing programs. The summer writing workshop takes place in the University of Miami with an approximation of 140 participants. It has inspired a lot of individuals who wish to join the writing business.

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