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Yes, marijuana does kill brain cells. First and foremost marijuana causes low IQ levels to the users. Chronic users of Marijuana have a strong dependence of the drug between the age of 18 and 38 years. Marijuana affects the brain cells and the neurons. This is because the substances found in the cannabis plants have neurotoxin effects on people. Marijuana and alcohol have the same effect on the brain. Marijuana creates metabolites like acetaldehyde during digestion. These substances are very toxic to the brain and other cells found in the body. This explains why people have hangovers after taking large amounts of marijuana.

Some of the active Ingredients that are found in the cannabis plant are the phytocannabinoids and they affect certain receptors in the body. Marijuana affects the brain whereby the THC binds with the nerve receptors that are found in the brain. In response to this, the brain responds by altering all the functions of the mind and the body. When a person  is feeling high on marijuana or clumsy or heightened sensory perception it means that the effects of marijuana starts as a chemical reaction in the brain of the user. Marijuana causes loss of memory among individuals. It becomes very difficult for addicts to pay attention and focus due to memory loss.

Additionally, when the THC links with the cannabinoid receptors some parts of the brain like the cerebellum loses its condition and balance, posture and coordinated of a person gets impaired. Marijuana can cause long term changes in the brain, for example a person can suffer from mood disorders, depression and anxiety. Marijuana reduces the mental reflexivity of the brain and its focus with time. When the brain is damaged people lose their cognitive abilities. Memory loss is permanent and this is a long term effect of Marijuana. Lastly, different countries have different types of weed to buy. For example when a person decides to visit marijuana dispensary in Edmonton or somewhere else in Canada, the taste of Marijuana might be different and this can cause defects in the brain if the user decides to mix these varieties.

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